Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems, Knoxville, TN

American-made Amerex vehicle fire suppression systems are reliable and provide proven performance.

For over 13 years, we have been serving the fire suppression and fire extinguishing needs of a variety of types of businesses in and near Knoxville, Tennessee. Life Safety Inspections started with about 100 customers and are proud to say that we have retained all of those original customers for more than a decade. We have also added thousands of additional customers along the way, thanks to our transparent pricing and unrivalled customer service.

Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems in Knoxville, Tennessee

We are proud to install and maintain Amerex vehicle fire suppression systems. American-made Amerex vehicle fire suppression systems are reliable and provide proven performance in the vehicles that have higher fire potentials. These include buses, garbage trucks, mining vehicles, large dump trucks, and more. Amerex is known worldwide for their innovative fire suppression products and have been in business since 1971.

We are the only company in Knoxville that handles vehicle fire suppression systems, and we can tailor systems for both on-road and off-road vehicles. We have experience with vehicles used in forestry applications, mass transit, waste management operations, and mining needs. Whether your vehicle is better suited to a foam fire suppression system or a CO2 fire suppression system, we can offer a variety of solutions because we are trained and certified in both kinds of systems. We can offer full service on most major brands. Beyond Amerex vehicle fire suppression systems, we can provide restaurant fire suppression systems, and maintain your needed fire extinguishers, making sure that you have the protection you need to protect your property, your daily operations, and your employees and stakeholders. Contact us today to discuss your fire suppression needs.