Ansul Commercial Restaurant Hoods, Knoxville, TN

We are proud to install and maintain Ansul commercial restaurant hoods.

Ansul Commercial Restaurant Hoods in Knoxville, TennesseeIf you are a restaurant owner, the thought of a kitchen fire has probably crossed your mind. Restaurants are at a significantly higher risk of fire than most other types of businesses. The best way to guard your investment against these potential risks is to ensure that you have proper fire suppression systems in place, like Ansul commercial restaurant hoods.

Ansul is known worldwide for their fire extinguishers, made right here in America. They also have a range of other additional fire suppression tools and systems, including Ansul commercial restaurant hoods. We are proud to install and maintain Ansul products because they strive to provide ultimate protection for people and your property with revolutionary products. Some of the special features available on their equipment include integrating ventilation equipment with fire suppression, automatic detection features, and manual remote activation. Whether your system is electrical or relies on a gas line, we can tailor a system to meet your specific needs.

Ansul is a proven brand with demonstrated reliability. Our team is factory trained and certified to install, maintain, repair, and replace their range of products, including Ansel commercial restaurant hoods. If your restaurant is in or near Knoxville, Tennessee, don’t hesitate to contact us at Life Safety Inspections about all your fire suppression needs. We have over 13 years of experience and over 5,000 satisfied customers in the area, including about 100 original customers who have been with us since we started. Whether you need fire suppression services for your restaurant or another commercial operation, we can help.