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Understand how CO2 fire extinguishers are different than foam fire-suppression products.

When most people think of fire extinguishers, they think of the common white foam fire suppression extinguishers that are often featured on TV shows or movies. While foam fire suppression products are very common for both residential and commercial uses, they are not your only option. Here at Life Safety Inspections, we can discuss alternatives with you and help you understand how CO2 fire extinguishers are different than foam fire suppression products.

CO2 Fire Extinguishers in Knoxville, Tennessee

CO2 fire extinguishers are highly effective at fighting fires. CO2 fire extinguishers can both extinguish fires quickly and keep a fire from spreading to other areas, reducing the damage and risk to your wellbeing. This type of fire suppression relies on pressurized CO2 gas that can be released into the flames of a fire. Because C02 is heavier than regular air, it sinks on top of the fire and cuts off the fire’s supply of oxygen, which is critical to the ability of a fire to burn and grow. CO2 can also serve to cool down the fire, reducing the heat, which reduces the damage potential and helps put the fire out for good.

We can take care of all your fire suppression and safety needs near Knoxville, Tennessee, from residential products to commercial systems. We even handle industrial fire safety systems, including vehicle fire suppression systems. Whether you are looking for new extinguishers or need regular inspections and maintenance on your current fire-safety equipment, we can help. We are certified and factory trained to service fire-safety products from Ansul, PyroChem, and Amerex. Call us now to discuss your needs.