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Don’t gamble when it comes to fire extinguishers.

There are two situations that you never want to occur in your home or business in the event of a fire. The first is not having any fire extinguishers to keep a small fire from spreading, and the second is having fire extinguishers, but not knowing how to use them properly.

Fire Extinguishers in Knoxville, Tennessee

At Life Safety Inspections, we do not just offer quality fire extinguishers for your home and business. We also take the time to help you have a better understanding about what equipment you need, required maintenance, and how to use it. Having a false sense of security is nearly as dangerous as knowing you don’t have any fire protection.

One problem that we’ve noticed more often than you might think is families that only have small fire extinguishers that are actually meant for use on a boat or in an RV. You can get out of a vehicle such as these in just a few seconds, but that isn’t the case with a fire in your Knoxville, Tennessee home or business. Those small fire extinguishers are only going to give you about 4 to 6 seconds of fire suppression time. The smallest fire extinguisher you should have in your home is a five-pound ABC residential extinguisher.

Another thing you shouldn’t gamble on is the quality of your fire extinguishers. We offer American-made products from ANSUL, Pyro Chem, and Amerex. They are leaders in the industry. Even the best options out there do need regular maintenance, so if it has been longer than a year since you’ve had us come out and check your fire extinguishers, make today the day you pick up the phone – 865-435-1505.